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Psychiatric Nursing


Caring Psychiatric Nursing Services - We Can Help

In-home psychiatric nursing allows patients to receive the care they need in the comfort of a safe, familiar environment. At Alliance Home Care VNA, we strive to offer the best in psychiatric care to our patients, free from the stress of the traditional health care facility. In-home psychiatric care can help a wide variety of patients, including those who require supervision because of confusion, poor judgement, short-term memory loss arising from dementia or other neurodegenerative conditions, or because of substance abuse or failure to adhere to medication. Care also may be helpful for patients struggling with chronic schizophrenia, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, or other symptoms of mental illness or personality disorders.

Convenient In-Home Care

in-home psychiatric care

Under the supervision of a psychiatrist, our highly trained, licensed psychiatric nurses provide multiple services, including skillful assessment, evaluation, education, psychotherapy and counseling. These nurses not only help patients manage anxiety, confusion, and cognitive or behavioral issues but also ensure that medications are being dosed and administered correctly. A gap in care after a patient departs a traditional health care facility can have serious consequences. In-home psychiatric care minimizes the possibility of a deterioration in mental health. On-site nurses can recognize and respond to warning signs, prevent relapse and optimize mental health outcomes for our patients.

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Mental health is critical to one’s overall well-being. If you or someone you love needs psychiatric care or in-home post-surgery care, the time to seek professional medical help is now. To receive the latest in-home treatments, call us today at 781-281-1626. We serve patients in Boston and the areas of Suffolk, Norfolk, Middlesex and Essex.