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Post-Surgery Care

post-surgery care

Post-Surgery Nursing Assistance

Patients coming out of surgery are likely to be exhausted, stressed and in pain. Even simple surgical procedures require a recovery time during which the simplest tasks may seem daunting if not impossible. Patients post-surgery often need medical assistance, such as dressing changes, wound care and medication management. Many also need help with the activities of daily life, from bathing to doing laundry and eating. This is especially true for seniors or individuals living alone, but even if you have plenty of family members willing to help out, they may not know what you need after surgery. Private duty nursing at home is one solution if you or your loved one need more care than the family can offer. Post-surgical in-home care from Alliance Home Care VNA can help make your recovery as painless and successful as possible.

How Our In-Home Care Can Help

An in-home nurse can provide the medical and nonmedical assistance you need during the post-surgical period. Our licensed nurses strive to ensure you receive the best possible care for the surgical site and provide maintenance for a feed tube or catheter if necessary. An on-site nurse also can help with the following essential tasks of everyday life:

  • Bathing and dressing
  • Shopping and food preparation, especially when the patient has special dietary needs
  • Housekeeping, including bedding changes and laundry
  • Transportation arrangements to and from surgery and follow-up appointments

Last but not least, in-home nursing care can provide you with companionship, a simple but crucial factor in your recovery.

Providing Quality Services

If you are seeking post-surgical in-home care in the Norfolk, Boston, Essex, Suffolk and Middlesex areas, contact us today at 781-281-1626. Alliance Home Care VNA is proud to provide our patients with the best in care in the comforts of home.