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Wound & Burn Care

In-Home Care for People Recovering From Wounds

After suffering a traumatic or surgical wound or burn, you deserve the best possible care, not just at the hospital but also once you have returned to the comfort of your own home. Alliance Home Care VNA offers extensive in-home wound care and burn care. Home nursing ensures that patients do not suffer from a gap in care and that there is no delay in the recognition of or response to medical problems arising from the initial injury.

Our licensed nurses go the extra mile to meet all our clients’ needs, from dietary requirements to psychological support and a healing environment. We provide personal care to make your recovery as simple and painless as possible.

wound care

How a Nurse Can Help After a Major Injury or Burn

Receiving in-home burn care or wound care brings several important benefits. With the latest training and technologies, our nurses can improve outcomes for our patients by increasing their comfort during healing, reducing the overall recovery time and minimizing the possibility for complications.

Home nursing means you have access to the best medical approaches for managing your burn or wound, including IV therapy and physical therapy to help you regain the strength for the tasks of daily life. Nurses also ensure clear communication with other entities you may need, such as transportation, medical equipment and social services providers. When the injury has affected not only your body but also your psychological well-being, an in-home psychiatric nurse can ensure you receive the guidance you need.

Also Serving Suffolk and Norfolk

If you or someone you love has suffered a major wound or burn, Alliance Home Care VNA can help. We are proud to serve Boston, Suffolk, Norfolk, Middlesex and Essex. A delay or gap in essential medical care can have serious consequences for patient outcomes, so give us a call today at 781-281-1626.